Welcome to my blog!

The name is Mitchell Chase Gassert, and I’ve gone by my middle name, Chase, since birth.

As a lifelong serial entrepreneur I started “hustling” or running my “first company” at 5 or 6 years old selling freshly made orange juice from my family’s property in San Diego, CA and founded my first “real company” (offering PC Repair/Computer Consulting and Freelance Web Design services) at 14 years old.

Growing up with a dad who is a master mechanic and experienced mechanical engineer, I learned a strong work ethic early on, and was lucky enough to gain a lot of hands-on experience working on cars and various small-machinery.

With a passion for technology and innovation, I’m constantly examining the world around me and dreaming up new ways it could be better.

Shortly after turning 14 and getting a high school “work permit” (which gave me both school credits and allowed me to work as a minor – before turning 16), I started working a part-time job at a local fast food joint for about 8-10 months after school.

During that time, I began a local PC repair business and started handing out flyers door to door in Santee, CA to grow the initial customer base. Within a year or two I had a pretty steady base of about 100 local customers. This, along with a small loan of $2000 from my dad and I was able to purchase the first car I could call my very own: a 1992 Twin-Turbo 300ZX (Z32).

I’m a seasoned web developer and entrepreneur who has founded and grown several online and offline businesses. I’ve also helped sell several businesses over the years and bootstrapped a web design agency to solid 6 figure growth.

As a Web Development professional, I’ve been building websites and web apps full-time since 2005, shortly after founding my first web design and hosting company at age 15.

I began learning to code in PERL and designing websites using HTML and CSS when I was 12 years old, and became captivated with learning new technologies, and engineering new solutions, as the digital landscape rapidly evolved. Before long I had picked up Javascript and PHP, and kept steadily adding to my knowledge base as time went on.

My passion for building websites allowed me to turn a hobby I love into a full-time career and has provided me the freedom to travel, explore my creative ideas and whims, and helped me to buy my first house in San Diego, CA at age 21.

Through my web design & development background, I’ve been lucky enough to meet some amazing people over the years, and collaborate with many amazing and creative individuals who are renowned experts in their field.