CoolMaster Automotive is my parents’, Lynn and Shelly Gassert, automotive repair business. They have very loyal customers and manage to stay busy even when other shops are sweeping floors and waiting for someone to show up. I’ve never seen a day that my dad can leave even an hour after the shop closing hours. I’m glad my dad finally bit the bullet and quit his old job as a marine engineer, he has always had a passion for cars and is too smart of a guy to be working for someone else.They wanted me to do the company site, because obviously 1, I’m their kid. But also because they know that I do quality work and it would look better than 99% of their competition’s websites. I have more plans for their website but my time has been limited by other projects so I haven’t been able to do as much to it lately as I’d like. Look for several revisions during the course of 07!

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