Quality Web Transfer

Not all web transfer is created equally. Just because a web host says you have 10000gb of transfer a month. How much do you think you can actually use during a month? You’d be surprised what usually happens when more than a few people start going to your site at the same time. Maybe some of you have experienced this after posting a popular article or video and within a few minutes been unable to access any page on the site. Sometime the site won’t go down completely though, instead it will just be reduced to slow motion snail speed.

That’s why I started my hosting company, ChaseHosting.com. I wanted to offer my customers hosting that delivers what it promises. If you’re paying for 100 gigs of transfers, those 100 gigabytes will be dished out as fast as they are requested. Our servers are always kept uncrowded and underutilized to give each of our customers more resources available to their website.

This website and all the sites developed by Chase and Partners are hosted on ChaseHosting.com Servers.

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