Skydiving Video Site, YouTube Style

A whole group of my friends are in love with skydiving and constantly browse the net while over at my house just checking out “diving vids” people post online. A large majority of the skydiving videos online are home-videos or enthusiast videos people make of themselves or their friends and post online at the end of the day (with some editing, and a catchy beat). The new skydiving video website is now online and already receiving a large amount of traffic (and using plenty of bandwidth to boot, gotta love those videos!) at the url I thought this was a very unique and catchy name for the site. Let me know what you think!

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    Yeah Zach, it’s an excellent source for skydiving videos all in one place. Way easier to browse when you’re in the mood to watch people flying towards the earth from thousands of feet in the air. Good times!

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