The new

Testing, testing, 1… 2… 3…

We’re back!!!

This is the first time I’ve had a blog since…. wow….. like, 2003.

That’s already 4 years ago, unbelievable. It feels like yesterday.

In that time, I’ve built my company (CG Computer Consultants / “Chase Ideas”) into what I envisioned it could be.

My hosting brand has grown steadily the past few years, and I now have my own small fleet of dedicated servers in San Diego, CA at one of the most quality Data Centers in the area (Castle Access) and they’re literally feet away from Cox’s main servers for the region.

I’ve also continued growing my web design business and began bringing on more popular local brands and companies as clients.

All in all, life is great right now. I’m constantly meeting new interesting people and doing what I love – helping other people with my services and products.

I’m hoping to buy a house soon, and will be saving as much as I can and might be selling of the extra vehicles and projects. 

Looking forward to getting this blog rolling again, so feel free to leave any comments below or reach out!

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