This past week has ruled

WOW! This last week has been crazy! I just finished settling into my new place and getting adjusted to the new surroundings. I’ve been meeting lots of high-profile people in their respective industries that are super psyched on getting to know me and getting involved in some of my projects! Things feel like they are falling in place and the plans I have made are starting to gain some momentum. I’m very excited about the short terms plans for a few of my larger projects, I’ll keep everyone informed as things happen.

I just recently, with the help of my amazing parents, bought my first house in California. The whole change has felt like a dream from the start. When I walked into this house, I couldn’t believe it. If this could be my house.. I’d be the happiest Chase in the world! Turns out, less than 3 weeks later, with a lot of hard work and running around, I’m all moved in! It’s been great, the new office for my business is more than adequate and suits my needs perfectly. I’ve been focusing on setting everything up as organized and efficient as possible for my daily business. So far it’s been so productive and worthwhile I can barely believe it.

I’ve also been reading a lot more than usual this past week since I’ve moved into the house, I’m hoping the trend will continue. I enjoy reading but, over the last 2 or 3 years, could never “find the time” to sit down and read for enjoyment.  I also (Shhh) downloaded over 3000 ebooks that I’m going to sift through and pick some goodies out of. I’ve had the urge to brush up on my programming lately and read some new design and web programming books.

Well, until next post! Peace!

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