Quick Clip of My Usual Ride to Vegas

It’s pretty often that I have to shoot back and forth between San Diego and Vegas for business deals.

With partners out there and Vegas being a popular travel hub, it’s common for people from all over the world to be stopping through at some point on their trip.

To quickly get back and forth, I’m often able to make use of a private plane and save the time and hassle of traveling commercial. The actual fly time is a tad bit longer, but the overall process of getting out there is much shorter. NO waiting in line, no checking my bags, no getting patted down, etc. Just show up and fly.

Within the next few years I’m hoping to upgrade to something a bit larger, but the Cessna works great for now! Check out the clips below for a takeoff in San Diego and a peek at the Henderson Executive Airport.

Taking off from Gillespie Field from Chase Ideas on Vimeo.

Cessna at Henderson Executive from Chase Ideas on Vimeo.

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