WEBDES1GN.net! Bout time!!

I’ve been wanting to make another computer/web related website for a looong time now. I used to run a tech site called ApogeeTek way back in the day. It got pretty popular for a good amount of time then I had to close it to down when I started working more and couldn’t keep up with it. I’ve always wanted to make another web-related site since then.

Since my focus has mostly shifted towards solely web design and development as my full-time occupation, what would be more fitting than a web design and development site? Obviously webdesign.com and .net were already taken so I decided I’d try webdes1gn.com since it looks almost the same but a little more l33t, ha! The .com was already taken but the .net was still available! BINGO!! It is currently under development along with all my other projects but I will marketing it heavily with the hosting and apache projects so it should get popular pretty quick.


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