A new dedication

I’ve been doing a lot of blogging lately on other sites in an effort to build traffic for the network of sites I’ve created. Well, I’ve decided, since cha2e.com has been my personal domain and homebase on the net for the past few years, I need to dedicate more time and effort to making it thrive. I am going to attempt to post a new entry every day, or at least every other day for the next… forever. I’m sure I’ll have some minor blips in my plans but the point is I want to start posting on here a LOT more. Look for lots of new content, tips, and other good schtuff soon! Until then, peace!

Update 2/17/09

Well, that didn’t last long! But I have continued my increase in blogging, just not solely on cha2e.com. I’m going to be doing some remodeling around here, it’s long overdue. Plus, I have a lot of updates with my two new ventures, Chase Ideas LLC and a new subdivision to ChaseHosting, F1FTY Web Hosting. Unlimited shared web hosting for only $50 a year. Order some.

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