FREE Url Shortening at 5PL.US

My new URL Shortening Service, named 5PL.US arose from my want of a free, simple, clean, and otherwise uncluttered url shortening service. You can get a free shortened URL from 5PL.US quickly and easily within seconds. After choosing a custom alias or getting your uniquely generated link alias, you can paste this shortened url into your webpage or document and link to the same original page, except with a much easier to remember link. You can also easily track the statistics for your generated link by adding + to the end of the link. (eg. which links to, for the statistics of the link)

I hope you’ll check out the new free URL shortening service and consider using it for your url shortening needs. At only 5 characters long, and still a fairly new service, the URL generated is going to be extremely short, even if it is randomly processed.

The benefits of a shortened url, above and beyond the obvious convenience, tend to be extremely useful for people trying to brand the look of their urls. With custom aliases, you can choose a catchy name for the link alias and produce memorable and unique links for your company or online presence.

Hope to hear some feedback about this one!

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