5 Tips for Facebook Ads Campaigns

Facebook Ads is quickly becoming the most popular advertising platform on the web.

Business owners of all shapes and sizes can expand their reach by properly marketing their business pages on Facebook. To do so, below are 5 handy tips that I think may prove useful in your campaigns.

  1. Proper Targeting – ALWAYS make sure you’re properly targeting your audience. Spend the few minutes to really think it through and make the effort to connect your message with an audience you think will have the best chance of being receptive. If you’re just starting to test an ad, and have no idea who will respond… target widely! Then you’ll begin gathering data on who’s engaging with your ad and can refine your targeting as you go.
  2. Start small – The nice part about Facebook Ads is that you can start small! With only $50-200, you can gather a decent amount of data and begin on the right path to growth.
  3. Think BIG!¬†– Don’t focus on staying small! If your campaign is properly setup, your paid Facebook reach should grow pretty quickly. You want to nurture it along and help the organic reach¬†grow as well. This will help you best leverage the paid reach you’re shelling out for! The goal is to build an audience that is targeted to your niche/subject.
  4. Have a Strategy – A lot of people throw money at Facebook Ads without any type of real strategy. Every dollar you spend on Facebook Ads, if properly planned, should ultimately be going towards the growth of your overall exposure and network reach. Don’t just wing it! Take the time to research and learn about proper Facebook Ads best practices and perhaps even check out an online course about it.
  5. Test, Test, Test! – The absolute most important thing when it comes to any advertising campaign is to always be testing. Iterate quickly, and test many variations of your ads to see which people respond to most strongly. This will help you optimize your ad budget and also increase your conversions. The more tuned your campaign is, the more likely it is you’ll have good results!

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