New Online Courses Coming Soon!

In addition to my client workload, I’m in the process of writing several new courses covering the basics of web development and online marketing. The first will be a complete beginner-to-rockstar type course that will get someone up to speed on modern design principles and the tools required to develop cutting-edge websites.

I’m currently in the process of finishing up a niche website SEO guide for a customer, instructing how to grow a Wallpapers Website for his custom toolbar application. Once that’s done, I’ll be working on the first course covering a complete introduction to web development.

The first few courses will follow that theme, and build upon the introduction. They will teach the modern process of building websites, web apps, and WordPress powered websites, along with tips and techniques along the way. After all that, I’ll cover how to expand on those skills even further to build profitable websites of your very own and begin building a longterm online business.

Students of the first course will be taught the necessary skills required for a career in web development, or further honing current web development skills they may already have, and laying a foundation upon which future courses will build upon.

I’ll be announcing each course as it’s released and spreading the word via Social Media, including using Facebook Marketing techniques that I’ll be covering in my upcoming Getting Started with Facebook Ads course.

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